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Trust Services

Focus works with National Advisors Trust Company to provide trust services to our clients and their families. National Advisors Trust provides first class trust and custodial services such as those traditionally offered by bank trust companies and brokerage firms, but with personal attention, and at favorable costs. This includes reporting, record keeping, trade execution, safeguarding assets, and protecting the confidentiality of personal financial information.

National Advisors Trust Company, a federally chartered, advisor-owned trust company, was created in 2001 by more than 120 independent financial advisors to provide their clients with corporate trustee and other fiduciary services. This was in response to the advisor’s concerns regarding declining service levels and higher costs associated with the widespread consolidation of banks and their trust departments.

Although National Advisors Trust acts as trustee, Focus will serve as your primary advisor. This ensures that fiduciary matters are conducted in a manner consistent with your long-term goals and objectives while maintaining sensitivity to your unique family needs. If you have an existing trust relationship, Focus and National Advisors Trust can coordinate the transfer of the fiduciary responsibilities and management of the trust assets.