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Comprehensive Financial Planning

True comprehensive financial planning is the act of planning for, and prudently addressing life events. The development and implementation of a comprehensive financial plan is the foundation, or roadmap, to achieving ones goals. The comprehensive plan provides a rock-solid foundation on which a client can build and maintain their financial security.

At Focus, we offer true independent and unbiased comprehensive financial planning on a fee-only basis. Based on each client’s individual goals and dreams, we help develop and then implement a comprehensive plan that is uniquely tailored to their needs focusing on the following critical areas:

  • Financial (and Non-Financial) Goal Setting and Goal Achievement
  • Investment Management and Asset Allocation for enhanced returns
  • Retirement Planning (including Monte Carlo simulation)
  • Estate Planning
  • Cash Flow and Savings Analysis
  • Insurance, Risk Analysis and Risk Reduction
  • Tax Planning and Effective Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Social Security Optimal Claiming Strategies
  • Small Business Planning and Succession
  • College Funding (for Children & Grandchildren)
  • Getting the Most from Executive Compensation and Stock Options

The Six Steps To Success

Many of our clients are surprised at how involved and in-depth our financial planning process is. It is not uncommon for us to meet with our clients several times before the initial plan is complete.

Step 1 >> Establishing and Defining the Client-Planner Relationship

During the first meeting, it is critical that the planner and client engage in a dialog that clearly defines what is expected of each party. This is a mutual process in which a determination is made as to what services will be provided, and what the cost will be.

Step 2 >> Gathering Client Data, Including Goals and Dreams

This is the one step in which the client does most of the work. In order for us to create a plan that meets your needs, we need to have a complete understanding of your financial situation, your goals and dreams, your interests and hobbies, your expectations about employment, your risk tolerance level, any anticipated changes in lifestyle, and even the health status of you and your family.

Step 3 >> Analyzing and Evaluating the Client’s Financial Data

At this stage of the process, we review all of the data, documents and other information that you supplied to us in Step 2. We analyze the data to identify strengths and weaknesses in your total financial situation with respect to the achievement of your stated goals and dreams.

Step 4 >> Developing and Presenting the Financial Planning Recommendations

We use our knowledge and experience, along with sophisticated financial planning software to generate your plan. That plan will identify appropriate techniques for achieving your objectives in light of the current economic environment. These recommended techniques, along with our analysis of your current situation, will be presented to you in a written report at a face-to-face meeting. We will discuss areas which need immediate attention and suggest a timeline for the implementation of the plan.

Step 5 >> Implementing the Financial Planning Recommendations

The finest financial plan in the world has little value without proper implementation. It is at this point in the process that we actual put your plan into action. If Focus is managing you investments, we would begin allocating your investment assets according to our agreed strategy. We also guide you through the parts of the plan that you can accomplish on your own, and coordinate the efforts of other professionals needed to implement your plan, such as accountants, estate planning attorneys and insurance professionals.

Step 6 >> Monitoring the Financial Planning Recommendations

It is this stage of the process that makes up the greater part of our daily duties here at Focus. At this point, we are monitoring the performance of your investment portfolio, changes in the law that may affect you, and the general economic climate. We will meet with you regularly to discuss changes in your situation, recommend specific actions in response to those changes, and examine the general progress of your financial plan.