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Will New Bill Make It Easier to Claim Charitable Donations?

Uncategorized  |  14 Jun 2018

By Jon Aldrich By now I would imagine most people are somewhat familiar (or maybe vaguely familiar) with the major provisions of the new tax law that took effect in 2017, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, also fondly known as TCJA for those who are fans of acronyms. One of the major…

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Chinese Finger Trap

BLOG, MARKETS & ECONOMICS, Uncategorized  |  20 Aug 2015

WHAT DOES DEVALUATION OF THE YUAN MEAN FOR US? The Chinese finger trap gag has been used for years to play jokes on unsuspecting kids and adults for years. It is a simple puzzle that traps the victim’s fingers in both ends of a cylinder made of woven bamboo. The harder you pull out on…

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