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Should we “Curb Our Enthusiasm”

By Jon Aldrich 2019 was a great year for stocks, bonds and virtually every investable asset class. This was a welcome follow up to 2018, when virtually every asset class except cash went down. The nice thing, though, is that just about everything went up much more in 2019 than they went down in 2018….

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The SECURE Act and How it May Affect You

By Jon Aldrich It seems like every year, just days before the ball drops in Times Square, Congress passes and the President signs new legislation that affects taxpayers. This year was no different as the SECURE Act, which contains some significant changes in certain retirement accounts was passed on December 19th, and signed into law…

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Notes from The Schwab Impact Conference

BLOG, MARKETS & ECONOMICS, Uncategorized  |  15 Nov 2019

Bullet Points from Greg Valliere’s presentation “An Inside View of Washington” By Jon Aldrich I attended the annual Schwab Impact conference in San Diego last week (I wish I was still out there after coming back to January in November here at home). Schwab Impact is the annual conference for financial advisors that Schwab puts…

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Going Nowhere Fast


By Jon Aldrich If you had went to sleep at the end of September of last year and just woke up, you might think the markets have been pretty boring these last 12 months. Especially, if you just picked up a paper and saw that the S & P 500 was currently around 2900, which…

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(Un) Safe Deposit Boxes


Is That Bank Box Really Secure? By Jon Aldrich You probably consider a bank safe deposit box as a safe, secure place to store some of your precious valuables such as jewelry, watches, coins or important documents. You might want to re-evaluate that notion. Imagine walking into your local bank to access your trusty safe…

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Are You Really Going to Get $125 From the Equifax Settlement?


By Jon Aldrich You have probably heard by now either on social media, the news, or your friends that everyone is entitled to their $125 for damages from the Equifax data breach in 2017. Wow, this is great, how do I partake in this windfall?  Well, not so fast. There is an inconvenient truth that…

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Think Twice Before You Download That App

By Jon Aldrich Our smartphones have become an indispensable part of daily life to many of us. You not only get phone calls and texts on your little wonder device, but now you use it to surf the internet, play games, navigation, watch movies, hail a ride, take pictures and movies, book vacations, as a…

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Are We Going To Lose The “Stretch” Provision?


A Discussion of some tax proposals affecting IRA’s currently making their way through legislation By Jon Aldrich Over the years we have grown accustomed to the tax laws affecting those of us with IRA’s. You know, the ones, like having to start taking money out at age 70 ½ as a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)…

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Happy Tax Day! Now, Let’s Shred the Old Stuff


By Jon Aldrich Happy Tax Day! That dreaded day when all of us here in the United States need to make sure that we have settled up with Uncle Sam for the previous year’s tax bill. Maybe you were one of the roughly 72% of taxpayers that received a refund, if so, then this day…

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The Curse of Single Use Plastic

BLOG, OTHER  |  20 Mar 2019

By Jon Aldrich I am not a hard-core environmentalist by any means, but I love nature and the outdoors and I often dream about what it would be like to go back in time a couple thousand years to see how pristine things were before man left his mark and just view how unspoiled this…

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