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The Curse of Single Use Plastic

BLOG, OTHER  |  20 Mar 2019

By Jon Aldrich I am not a hard-core environmentalist by any means, but I love nature and the outdoors and I often dream about what it would be like to go back in time a couple thousand years to see how pristine things were before man left his mark and just view how unspoiled this…

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Emergency Planning

BLOG, OTHER  |  18 Jan 2019

Are you at least minimally prepared if a calamity strikes? By Jon Aldrich We plan and prepare for retirement, vacations, parties, sending kids to college and for dinner. But how many of us are prepared for a major disruptive event such as a natural disaster (flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, wildfire) or a man-made event such…

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Give to Live

BLOG, OTHER  |  10 Sep 2018

By Jon Aldrich I received a lot of positive feedback on my last blog, “Taken for Granted”. So, I wanted to write a follow up article to tie up some loose ends. A number of people also inquired how Oreo was doing and I greatly appreciated the thoughts and support. Writing has proven to be…

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Taken For Granted


By Jon Aldrich Take for granted. It is something I am sure all of us are guilty of from time to time. I know I sure am and probably way more than I would like to admit. So, how do we define “Take for Granted”: Let’s just focus on the first definition. We have too…

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Basic Password and Online Computer Hygiene

BLOG, OTHER  |  4 Apr 2017

By Jon Aldrich   Image Source                           It is still hard to believe, but did you know that 2 of the most commonly used passwords to access online accounts are still “password” and “123456”? There are a lot of nefarious individuals and…

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Your Smart Refrigerator might be a Computer Hacker

BLOG, OTHER  |  3 Jun 2016

By Jon Aldrich Your refrigerator might be sending you spam e-mails. Your smart thermostat might be allowing hackers access to your wireless network. Could your coffee maker be giving you more than just a caffeine boost? In late 2013 and early 2014, a smart refrigerator was pinpointed as one of the devices used by computer…

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Junk e-mail

BLOG, OTHER  |  16 Sep 2014

Why you need to be careful what you click on I was recently cleaning out my junk mail folder which had 2,645 messages in it. It had been about 3 weeks since I had cleaned it out, but that is how many SPAM and junk e-mails my junk e-mail filter had caught in that time….

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