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Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) – A Brief Overview

BLOG, EDUCATION  |  28 Feb 2011

Although Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) have sort of flown under the radar of many investors, over the last couple of years they are beginning to be “discovered” by more and more investors, as well as fund companies looking to profit in this area as well. With an annual total return of 15.5% since 1995 and…

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What Are Managed Futures?

BLOG, EDUCATION  |  16 Nov 2010

Even though the stock market has been doing very well as of late, many investors still have vivid memories of the stock market crashes of 2000-2002, and 2008. Many people wonder what they can do to help reduce the volatility of their portfolio. We have previously discussed using options to reduce risk, now, we turn…

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Using Option Collars to Reduce Risk

BLOG, EDUCATION  |  13 Jul 2010

Many people think of stock options as a risky investment strategy used mostly by highfalutin Wall Street types with millions to burn. While it’s certainly true that you can get yourself into trouble with an ill-advised option position, options can also be used to effectively reduce portfolio risk. One option strategy that can do this…

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Monte Carlo Simulation

BLOG, EDUCATION  |  24 Jun 2010

If you are a client of ours, you have probably heard us at one time or another talk about Monte Carlo Simulation (or Monte Carlo Analysis). The term itself is kind of strange sounding, and the first time you hear it you’re bound to conjure up images of either the famous casino in Monaco or…

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What is a Market Maker?

BLOG, EDUCATION  |  26 May 2010

This is a term you may have come across occasionally, but Market Makers have been in the news quite a bit in the past few weeks in reference to the “Flash Crash” that took place earlier this month. Unless you live in a cave, you’re probably aware that during the Flash Crash the Dow Jones…

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Part IV. Fund of Hedge Funds

BLOG, EDUCATION  |  5 May 2010

There is yet another way that investors can access the “alternative” strategies that traditionally have only been available through hedge funds. This is the creature known as the “fund of hedge funds” (FOHF), which is simply a fund that invests its assets in two or more hedge funds. Some FOHFs register with the SEC, and…

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Part III. Hedge Fund Strategies in Mutual Fund Format

BLOG, EDUCATION  |  13 Apr 2010

So, you don’t qualify as an accredited investor, (It’s okay. There are lots of us.) but you’re yearning for those sexy and sophisticated hedge fund strategies? Or perhaps you are an accredited investor, but you can’t stomach the big initial investment required by most hedge funds? Well friends, when there is a demand for something…

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Part II. Hedge Funds vs. Mutual Funds

BLOG, EDUCATION  |  15 Mar 2010

Hedge funds and mutual funds are both investment vehicles that involve a professionally managed portfolio in which investors hope to achieve a positive return. Neither of them are purchased or sold on stock exchanges. Other than that, there are relatively few similarities. Let’s talk about the differences. Who can invest? As I discussed in Part…

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What’s a Hedge Fund? Part I

BLOG, EDUCATION  |  2 Mar 2010

We hear about these things all the time, usually in the context of someone talking about a “billionaire hedge fund manager”. Most people who don’t really know what hedge funds are have nevertheless formed impressions that they are risky and only available to the ultra-wealthy. Is there any truth behind these impressions? Let’s talk. What’s…

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Fee-only, Fee-based and Commission-based. How Financial Professionals Get Paid, and How It Affects You.

BLOG, EDUCATION  |  26 Jan 2010

At the conclusion of my gripping piece on the differences between financial professionals of varying titles (Brokers, Advisors and Planners! Oh My!), I promised you a follow-up article of equal or greater value on the topic of compensation. Well, here it is. I have to warn you that you probably shouldn’t read this near your…

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