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Summary of the $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan


By Jon Aldrich Last Thursday, President Biden signed into legislation the long awaited COVID Relief package for Americans, named The American Rescue Plan of 2021 (ARP). It provides $1.9 Trillion (with a “T”) to drive economic stimulus and fiscal relief for the millions suffering from the fallout of the ongoing pandemic. Many of you may…

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And Now The Hangover…


In a Matter of Days, the Reddit gains are Gone By Jon Aldrich It sure was one heck of a party while it lasted, but like any big bash where you had the time of your life, you have to “Pay the Fiddler” in the morning. So it seems to be with the investors (if…

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Party Like It’s 1999!


Bubbles like GameStop have Happened Before and Will Again By Jon Aldrich By now, I am sure you have been made aware of all the commotion surrounding a company called GameStop (GME) and the crazy behavior of its stock the last couple of weeks and similar behavior in a handful of other “troubled” stocks such…

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Coronavirus Stimulus 2.0 (Summary of Main Provisions)


By Jon Aldrich First off, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah or whatever you celebrate at this time of year. It has been quite a year, as we all know, and hopefully we all come through it healthy and ready for a new beginning in 2021. Of course, lets leave it…

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2020 is Proving to be a Banner Year for Apocalypse Bingo By Jon Aldrich For most of us, 2020 is going to be a year that none of us will soon forget. It just seems like one awful thing after another just keeps occurring in a year that we’ll all be happy to put behind…

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Elections Have Consequences

How do Stock Markets Perform Depending on Who is in Charge? By Jon Aldrich Many of us watched the raging dumpster fire that passed for a Presidential Debate on Tuesday night. But, then again, hasn’t this whole year of 2020 been a dumpster fire? Maybe a wrestling match between the two would have been better!…

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Empty Nest

Uncategorized  |  4 Sep 2020

By Jon Aldrich We just pulled in the driveway from the long drive back on I-90 from Rapid City, SD, where we took our youngest son, Trey to start his freshman year of college at South Dakota Mines, a small engineering school in far western South Dakota. When I opened the door to the house…

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Remember When Savings Accounts Used to Pay Interest?

A Look at the Puny Yields on Savings & Money Market Accounts These Days By Jon Aldrich Low interest rates have been around for quite a while, ever since the Financial Crisis of 2008 when rates were lowered to combat the Great Recession. I guess we have got accustomed to getting nil on “safe” money…

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Do not Fall Victim to “Vishing”


Online Thieves can also use your phone to steal from you By Jon Aldrich Ted received a call the other day. His caller ID read “Social Security Administration”. He figures he better take this call, since it is from Social Security and must be important. The caller on the line is friendly and says there…

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Thoughts from the Lake

BLOG, OTHER  |  10 Jul 2020

Musings from vacation and why Focus did not take any PPP money By Jon Aldrich I am up at the lake this week for some rest and relaxation after a stressful and tumultuous first half of 2020. It has been quite a year and I suspect most of us will be glad to see 2020…

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